Introduction In this essay, I’ll be talking about these two poems, ‘Remains’ and ‘War Photographer’ and how they express the theme of power and many others in different ways. In Remains, the poem is about a man who seems to be in the army and ends up killing a probably innocent man and starts having […]

This essay will be based on the perspectives of Mumbai through three main protagonists: Asha, Abdul and Sunil. I will be giving out information about these three characters perspectives on Annawadi, Mumbai and the people of Annawadi. Abdul is a boy who lives in the slums and sorts out rubbish as his daily job. His […]

The last night summary: 1st page Mr Utterson was sitting by the fire then was surprised by Poole’s visit quote – Mr Utterson was sitting by his fireside one evening after dinner, when he was surprised to receive a visit from Poole. 2nd page ‘Poole and utterson went to see Jekyll’ 3rd page Poole and […]

Dear Mr Fields, From the clip that I have just watched, I believe that you, as a trained policeman in South Carolina, America, had every right to act the way you did in that situation. From what I have heard about the video, the female teen was asked during lesson to pass over her phone […]

Taylor woke up one morning to find himself in an unusual location. The surface he was laying on which was filled with dust and stones and rubbish, had a very dirty environment. He felt an extremely annoying feeling, almost as if there was something inside his stomach. As he stood up, his legs felt wobbly […]

If you have seen Titus Andronicus, you will know that he is the emperor of Rome and has a lot of power. You will also know that his daughter, Lavinia gets raped by his fioncĂ©’s sons, Demetrius and Chiron and gets her arms chopped off and her tongue cut out. Afterwards, Titus Andronicus finds out […]

Setting: Capital Characters: Saturninus, Titus Andronicus, Lavinia, Bassianus, Marcus Andronicus, Lucius, Mutius, Tamora Events: Saturninus agrees to marry Lavinia but then his eyes the beauty that was Tamora and fall in love. Themes: Anger, murder, guilt and revenge Quotation: These words are razors to my wounded heart Explanation: Titus Andronicus describes Saturninus words as razors […]